Meena Dadwal

It was her dream to serve the nation and society. Since her college days, she wanted to pursue something that could help in uplifting the Rural India. With this vision, she came with the thought of establishing Sashakt Gram. In the early phase of her career, she started working with UNESCO, when her first assignment was at Sri Har-Gobindpur Sahib (District Gurdaspur), Punjab. Where she worked for the betterment of drop out kids of financially disadvantaged women. While working with them she realized the pain and struggle of such underprivileged women, who wanted to send their kids to school. Thereafter she took the decision to work for destitute in future.

In addition to this, she holds an experience of working with different media organizations for about 15 years. But her work and interest always revolved around social issues. And now after 15 years, she took the decision to take a break and embark on a new journey.

Mr. Singh started his career in 1969 as a lecturer of Mathematics at BHU after passing MSC and Ph.D. respectively in 1967 and 1969. He was promoted to the post of Reader in 1982 and in 1986 he was appointed as professor and head, Maths and Stats department. Serving the university in various capacities, he assumed the post of Vice-Chancellor. A total number of 28 students got Ph.D. under his supervision and so for 32 research papers have been referred in a book published by Edward Publication, London.

Coming from SN Singh he says that, Sashakt Gram will provide a chance of interacting and supporting people in need. He says, "I feel passionate about making a change and the change has to be from the grass root level where we see it is much required and Sashakt Gram is one of the means to do that.

S.N Singh

He has been working with the string of national, international and regional media organizations, where he got the opportunity to understand the real scenario of women empowerment in India. He was able to realize the problem with the number of factors including low literacy rate, drug addiction problems, obstacles in implementing various social welfare and so on.

During his association with Doordarshan, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, PTC Punjabi, day and night news and MH One News he produced many special programs ranging from political to social and human interest issues. While seeing and analyzing social/political and economic system with a pinch of salt, he was always aspired to rectify things in an organized manner.

Gurmeet Singh

Babita being a village Anganbadi worker has been working selflessly for rural India from last 20 years. She always wanted to devote her life for women empowerment. And now being a part of Sashakt Gram, she is training and motivating women in rural villages to get self-employed. She says

Indian Culture is all about mutual respect and support and would love to extend it to female community. I believe women empowerment is one area that can surely change the world. With Babita & women who like her who are passionate towards education, we are trying to establish a skill development center for women and youth in the chosen area, enabling them to explore more job opportunities as they finish the course. 


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